Medical and Healthcare

International healthcare spending is projected to increase at an annual rate of 5.4 percent in 2017-2022. Health-related data enable monitoring of patient health. Data science assists medical practitioners as well as tracking the disease progression during treatment. Secondly, health information science helps to connect with operational processes – system directors will analyze and optimize virtually every operational aspect of the health system. Finally, health informatics can support the systematic measurement of patient-reported outcomes. It concludes the Social and technical context of health informatics, Leading Change in health informatics, The outcome and interventions of health informatics, The data science of health informatics, Clinical Informatics, Nursing Informatics, Public health informatics, Trends, and Developments.

  • Track 1-1 Data science in Medical sector
  • Track 2-2 Data Mining in Healthcare data
  • Track 3-3 Data science in Healthcare

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