Intelligent E-Learning Systems

Learning is a process of transforming information as well as experience into knowledge and skills. To make up the wide gap between the demand for increasing higher education and comparatively limited resources, more and more educational institutes are looking into instructional technology. The use of online resources not only reduces the cost of education but also meets the needs of society. Intelligent e-learning has become necessary channels to reach out to students exceeding geographic boundaries. Intelligent e-learning systems can reach out to the students easily with the help of data science and machine learning. Nowadays one of the very popular IT applications is online teaching and learning. Scientists are doing researches for a better intelligent online e-learning architecture system to provide a better experience in online classrooms. Data science can help to reach out to the right customers with the right content.

  • Track 1-1 E-learning Architecture
  • Track 2-2 Artificial Intelligence in E-learning
  • Track 3-3 Future of AI and Data science in E-learning

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