Data Mining

Data mining, which is used extensively is gaining popularity in sciences. Due to the tremendous amount of complex data generated by transactions involving sciences companies, processing and analysing these data is becoming more and more traditional.

The process of discovering useful information from huge data and application of information mining techniques are referred to as knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD). KDD consists of varied application domains like computer science, pattern recognitionmachine learning and data visualization. People from different domains can provide their research work on Data Mining- Tasks, Issues, Evaluation, Knowledge Discovery, Systems, Classification, Cluster Analysis, Application & Trends, Mining Themes, Mining text data, Mining world wide web.

  • Track 1-1 Engineering data mining
  • Track 2-2 Application of data mining in education
  • Track 3-3 Data mining in security
  • Track 4-4 High performance data mining algorithms
  • Track 5-5 Data mining systems in financial market analysis

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