Data Management

Data management is practices, procedures of organizing and maintaining information processes. It’s also a large range of incidental systems that provide an organization to gain control of its data resources.

Data Management as an overall practise is involved with the complete lifecycle of a data asset from its original creation point to its final retirement, how it progresses and changes throughout its time through the internal and external data streams of an enterprise.

Data management methods have roots in statistics, accounting, planning and alternative disciplines that predate the emergence of company computing. Organizations are creating use of huge data to inform business decisions and gain deep insights into client mindsets, trends, and opportunities for making extraordinary client experiences.

  • Track 1-1 Data Warehousing
  • Track 2-2 Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
  • Track 3-3 Data Intensive Computing Architecture
  • Track 4-4 Data Integration, Aggregation, and Representation
  • Track 5-5 Data and Network Outsourcing Services
  • Track 6-6 Complexity and Algorithms

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