Big Data

The information has intrinsic value, but it’s having no use until we discovered the value of it. The amount of information on planet earth is developing exponentially for many reasons. Different sources and our everyday activities create bunches of information. The information development rate has expanded rapidly. We would now be able to quantify and oversee enormous measures of data with exceptional exactness. Adaptability and readiness are two perspectives valuable in managing Big Data. Effectively exploiting the value of Big Data requires experimentation and investigation. In this session, the researcher will be able to discuss Big data driving factors, Characteristics, Types, Challenges, Applications, Hadoop in Big data.

  • Track 1-1 Big Data Applications, Challenges and Opportunities
  • Track 2-2 Big Data Technologies
  • Track 3-3 Big Data in Researches
  • Track 4-4 Data optimization
  • Track 5-5 Big data storage architecture

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